A Liturgy for Times of Disorientation and Crisis – A Prayer of Surrender

(Italics are a Response to the previous thought. Use personally or corporately.) Lord, in this moment we pause, breathe deeply and ask you to slow our racing minds.  It feels like everything is falling apart. But we declare that Jesus is the very image of the invisible God and that in Him all things hold […]

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Getting Started…Again

So I’m thinking I might start blogging again. So many thoughts , workings, learnings etc. I think I need an outlet. We’ll give it a whirl.  Trying to find the right combination of things to organize my life, help me process and be helpful instead of distracting is quite a task – and not one […]

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I’m a woman.  I’m a thinker. me, for those who don't meI’m a wife and a mom.

I’ve got 6 daughters, one son and one husband – they’re way out numbered.

My girls are close together (5 in four years and five years later came Eliana and then Zach…) and have taught me an inordinate amount about my own human-ness.

I’m a pastor’s wife and I love it.  (Of course, I know it’s time for a vacation when the very thought of people fills me with apathy and total indifference…then I come back and I love you all again!)  [ Can you tell I’m on vacation as I write??? 🙂

I’m  a recording artist (see me at SarahBrownMusic.com) with three albums, a bunch of singles and little time to perform.  I take hymns and Scripture and give them music (new music for old and unknown hymns) so they come alive to people’s souls – not the least of which is my own!

I like Sara Groves, Norah Jones, Jack Johnson, U2, Sarah MacLachlen, Loreena McKennit, Ty Cooder and a bunch of other artists.

I love  Sushi, Indian and Arabic food, followed by almost every other ethnic food I can get my hands on.

I love to read good literature and books on shaping ideas and I have almost no time to do it.

My days are mostly spent at home, cultivating the vast domain of my home and the hearts and minds of 6 future wives/ mothers and one husband/ father, practicing the ordinary arts which are more important to our souls than their simplicity might otherwise suggest. Thank you Thomas More…