christmas before thanksgiving!?!?

I am so tired of the plunge into the consumerism of Christmas.  We now go almost directly from a month or more of preparing for and celebrating  the demon inspired holiday of Halloween to directly into the radical consumerism of Christmas.  Thanksgiving is completely by-passed!

It is appaling that we will not  take time to be thankful in our hearts if not to God than at least simply in our hearts as a culture.  That stores – and Christian stores at that! – plunge headlong into Christmas right after Halooween is sickening to me.lg_dollar_sign

Of course this is simply related to all their advertising techniques based on the complete breakage of the 10th commandment – Thou Shalt Not Covet.  For what is the foundation of modern advertising and marketing if not to create in us material discontentment, and that earlier and earlier. So no sooner have we begun one season than within three weeks we are pressed upon to consume and buy for the next one.  Summer begins in February.  Back to school begins in June.  Don’t take time to enjoy the present. You need more! (hear the sarcasm???)

I wish store owners would get some back bone and reject the pressure!  Do what is right even though it may cost you something! I want to take time to remember all the things I do have and am thankful for.  But society insists we stuff ourselves  till we vomit.  Till we are numb with meaningless stuff.  Can we turn off the radio in the car, the ringing of the cell phones, the massaging of the phone as we text, the TV that drones on and on even as real human conversation is occuring, the swiping of the card that fills our homes with more useless stuff…

Idols…they promise to deliver satisfaction BUT THEY LIE!  As all idols must for they are derived from the Father of Lies himself- Satan. He promised that man could find satisfaction and definition for reality apart from God and actually find it in his own reason and creation.

Come, let us reject the obsession to fill our lives and ears and eyes with stuff that doesn’t satisfy! I challenge you to even forsake the sales the very day after Thanksgiving!  – even though it may cost you something at Christmas.  Be creative this year.  Maybe it doesn’t have to be about the money or the sales.  Think THANKFULNESS!

There is so much more to say, but that should suffice for now…


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