adolescence and perpetual immaturity: part 1

The concept of adolescence is new to the history of the world. Millenia have passed with generations being born,  growing as children, learning the ways of their parents and ancestors and around the age of 12-14, taking on the  responsibilities of adulthood (in part at least, if not the whole.)  Whether in work, marriage, childbearing, or moral  responsibility, young people have for centuries come to grips with what it means to be a responsible, productive member  of society ( in whatever way that culture defines maturity.)

Fast forward to the last 100 years or so.  Never before have we witnessed the collosal rejection of maturity and  responsiblity as we’ve seen in recent generations.  We have such prolonged adolesence that 30 year olds are still “tyring  to find themselves,” find a job, find a home, find a life!  It seems perpetual searching is inevitable for most.

Add to that the dilemna of learning how to be happily married; raise children who can obey, have a modicum of respect  and self control and possess genuine, un-inflated self-worth and how to engage in a generationally diverse population and we have quite a problem on our hands.

Not that any of the above things are easy.  By NO means!  But we’ve nurtured generations who not only fear these things like the plague, but are in every way totally unequipped for them.  We have not prepared these generations for life in any real sense of the word.  We’ve not prepared them to be ethical, to hold jobs, to know what is valuable and wh

at is not (i.e. stuff/ money over people/time for instance), to know how to be married, how and why to have and raise responsible children (especially who know and Love God! and follow Him!) and  most importantly, how to be self governed.

As a Christian the concept is really about being governed by the Holy Spirit who lives in you once you are regenerate.  So you are no longer a slave to sin, but rather you are alive, by the power of the indwelling Holy Spirit, to righteousness.

But even religion aside, people have for centuries been equipped by the preceding generation and cultural reinforcement to become responsible humans, carrying on the teachings necsessary for a healthy productive life to the next generation.

So what is adolescnce and what has it produced?  There are books written on this subject so I won’t cover all the details here, but in short adolesence capitalizes on the hormonal turbulence that is going on inside the developing body and mind of a young person between the ages of 10-16.  It takes the turbulence and gives it unbounded self-expression which is influenced primarily by the concept and reality of Entertainment.  The entertainment industry has been financed and fed by the population of 9-whatever year olds.  And it’s affects and habits remain for a lifetime.


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