sister hatred

It’s so amazing to take the time to sit down with your kids when there’s a real issue that needs to be dealt with.  One of mine has been just flagrantly hating her sisters in every way imaginable.  And finally we sat down to talk.  It’s so easy to call the problem anything BUT sin!  But boy, it’s so important to call it what it is!  If sin isn’t the problem then Christ will never be the solution! We went to I Cor 13 to see what God says is the most important thing of all and then to see how he defines it – Love that is! Oh to realize how we fall short!

We totally talked about how she was justifying herself and not receiving the justification of Christ on her behalf.  We talked about how how high God’s standards are and how we can never live up to them.  How even if we’ve failed at one point we’ve broken the whole law!  And then the crux: that the solution is not to pull ourselves up by our boot straps and just try harder! As if we could be effort perfect oursleves.

Rather, the solution lies in ackowledging God’s perfect Word – that He is telling the truth about what is true and right and about who we really are! Let God be true and every man a liar! Then we  confess our sin and failure and stop justifying ourselves!  We so want to make ourselves be right – blame others for our choices, for provoking us etc. We have to stop! We repent, all the time. THen look to Christ’s righteousness as our own and give Him the freedom to work in us to change us and make us more like Him!  As long as we are justifying ourselves, there is no room for God to work in us.  we must get out of the way and give way to the Holy Spirit!

It’s so great to share with our kids that what makes us Christian is not that we’re perfect or never sin.  But that when we sin we acknowledge it, confess it, repent and receive forgiveness of Christ and move on letting Him work in us!  When we’re dead in our sins we want to cover up our sins and justify them, work them out ourselves, pay for them ourselves.  But this is not the mark of a Christian!

At least, it shouldn’t characterize Christians.  But I know it does far too often!  O, how we forget the gospel so quickly once we’re saved.  Don’t we realize the power that saves us from sin and raises us spiritually from the dead is the same power that transforms us into His image?  We don’t have to muscle it out!  We have to yield, get out of the way, remove idols…but do it ourselves? No. I totally identify with my daughter…it is a lesson I am learning daily and will for the rest of my life!

Well, the glory is in seeing the Lord work in these conversations.  When we’re willing to take the time.  She was so much more at peace in her spirit.  I had her read God’s Word by the way.  It was good for her to engage with it directly.  THen we talked about her meditating on it, confessing her sin and seeking the Lord to be at work in her!  What peace I see in her after an exchange like this!  I only wish I’d do it more!!!!


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